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What are our class fees? Do you have to sign a yearly contract? What are our joining and enrolment fees?


  • 1) First class absolutely free with no further obligation (This allows you the opportunity to try a class for free and see the high standards that we offer)

  • 2) If you decide to join us – you pay nothing until your next class (allowing you to go home and spend time making your decision, in your own time).

  • 3) The Monthly fee is just £30 per calendar month (payable by Direct Debit)

  • 4) Enrolment fees? – We don’t have any!

  • 5) Joining fees? – We don’t have any!

  • 6) Yearly Contracts? – We don’t have any! We just ask that you give one months notice to terminate membership

  • 7) A BBTA Licence is required within 4 weeks of your first class. This is an Insurance policy that protects you and your fellow students, it also gives you Membership of the BBTA all the the benefits this commands.


Do you need any special clothing - NO?


  • 1) No special clothing is required. However if you decide that you would like to wear a uniform, these are available, (but not required or necessary)


What are your classes like? What will I be expected to do? What if I’m very unfit? I’m not young anymore? I have never done anything like this before?


  • 1) Our beginner classes are for the total beginner (however if you have practised martial arts before, we have separate classes for the more advanced student)

  • 2) Nothing will be ‘expected’ of you, Beginner classes are just this – for the total beginner!

  • 3) We assume you are unfit (this is probably one of the reasons that you are reading this now and thinking about taking your free trial class)

  • 4) Age, either young or old, holds no restrictions in our classes (we have separate Adult and Children’s classes, (and family classes for parents who wish to train with the Children as a family activity).

  • 5) Our classes teach you effective self-defence, martial arts, improve fitness, build confidence and enhance your assertive qualities. This is achieved in a step by step programme at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle.

  • 6) IMPORTANT….. Our classes are fun and enjoyable, we are not a ‘boot camp’ our philosophy is this: If the classes are enjoyable then you will continue training, this means that you will achieve your own personal goals. We will inspire you and within our step by step programme you will gain more than you could have imagined! We are the longest established Taekwondo Schools in the area. This speaks for itself!


How do you know that we teach in a safe professional manner?

Good question and very important! First the formal information...


 We are registered with Milton Keynes Council, Registration Scheme. This means that we have been vetted and checked for the following:

  • 1) All Instructors are CRB ‘Enhanced’ checked

  • 2) Insurance Documents relating to Public and products liability have been checked (However we have in place addition Insurance that covers every student personally)

  • 3) First Aid Qualifications Checked (However we go one stage further and have full paediatric First aid certification)

  • 4) The clubs accounts are checked and audited

  • 5) The club has a Child protection policy in place.

  • 6) Sports Coach UK (The national coaching foundation) Qualifications in Child Protection and Good practice


OK…..Why should you choose our Schools?

We have over 10 Instructors and over 40 assistant Instructors (black belts) at our club. We have been established for over 25 years, so you can be confident that if you join us, you can have absolute confidence that we are here to stay and we value and respect ALL our club members for the long term. No gimmicks, just high quality classes with high quality dedicated Instructors.

Phil Thomas the Instructor is a 6th Degree Black belt and has been training in Taekwondo for 40 years and teaching for 25 years. He has been awarded ‘Instructor of the year on no less than 3 separate occasions!

We are also invited and trusted by many Schools and colleges, to hold seminars and classes.

We are confident that you will enjoy our classes, our established history speaks for itself, we have over 250 students – over 100 have achieved Black belt with several going further and gaining High Degree grades.

What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing - Come along and see for yourself and enjoy a free class.


I understand you have separate Adult and Children's classes?

Yes, your Child’s safety and security is your most treasured possession! Life skills of confidence, discipline and courtesy will be strengthened. Children (and Adults)! Will be much less likely to suffer harassment and bullying, avoid obesity and all the associated health problems.


Please feel free to contact me for further information and details of classes near you:
07877 971342

Phil Thomas – Chief Instructor 7th Degree British Black Belt Taekwondo Academy

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