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Adults start Taekwondo for many different reasons. Some to learn self defence and get fit. Several to build confidence and become more assertive. Many start because they want to do something different and exciting.

Often people have joined the ‘gym’ and have become bored by the repetitive exercising and have lost enthusiasm! So why is Taekwondo different?

Firstly the classes are fun and enjoyable, every class is different. You may get tired, sweaty, feel excited, fulfilled and challenged, but I can guarantee you will never get bored! Importantly you well learn a skill that will keep you safe, fit and healthy and your confidence levels will rocket – and your stress levels fall.

Because you train together in a group of likeminded beginners you will build friendships and teamspirit. We also have (optional) social events throughout the year.

Why not come along to one of our dedicated classes for beginners and see for yourself. We are so confident that you will enjoy Taekwondo that we don’t even make any charge for your first class!

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